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Did you know: There are five great ways supporting your breastfeeding employees benefits your company

by , 29 April 2014
If you don't support breastfeeding employees in your workplace because you think it's an extra burden, you're missing out on the benefits. One of these is that some new mothers will come back to work sooner from maternity leave than usual. Continue reading to discover five more good reasons to support breastfeeding employees so your company can benefit and manage maternity leave better.


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Five benefits of supporting breastfeeding employees

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management outlines the following benefits of supporting breastfeeding employees:

  1. You'll improve the retention of female employees after maternity leave. This means you'll retain valuable employee skills and experience and lessen recruitment and retention costs;
  2. Absenteeism rates will be lower because of improved child care;
  3. You'll improve employer-employee relations and achieve employee loyalty;
  4. You'll enhance employee morale and productivity; and
  5. Improve your company's image.

But to support your breastfeeding employees, you need to keep the following in mind…


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Keep these two points in mind when it comes to supporting breastfeeding employees

#1: You're legally required to protect the health of breastfeeding employees. The Code of Good Practice on the Protection of Employees During Pregnancy and After the Birth of a Child places suggests you arrange for breastfeeding employees to have breaks of 30 minutes twice a day to express milk every day for the first six months of a child's life.

#2: In addition, you must develop a breastfeeding policy in support of breastfeeding employees. The policy must meet your employees' needs and take into account your workplace conditions. You must also put controls in place to implement your policy. Also make sure you monitor it regularly and evaluate it to assess how effective it is.

There you have it. Supporting breastfeeding employees doesn't only benefit your employees, it benefits your company as well. And it's a great way to manage maternity leave in your company.

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Did you know: There are five great ways supporting your breastfeeding employees benefits your company
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