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Did you know: There's one type of leave with many names? Find out what it is so you don't get fooled

by , 24 April 2014
Did you know that there is one type of leave that has several different names? You may have been asked for it by an employee but you didn't know it under that name. The result: You probably gave more leave than you should have. Find out what it's actually called and how much leave you're should give, so this doesn't happen again.

Ensure your employees don't take you for a ride! 
You need to know exactly when you have to give employees family responsibility leave and when you don't. Find out how…
So what's the leave with many names?
Has an employee ever asked you for paternal leave, compassionate leave, bereavement leave or family responsibility leave? 
Did you give them; say a week off, because you didn't know what you should be giving? 
Well the truth is, there's no such thing as paternal leave, compassionate leave or bereavement leave. There's only family responsibility leave and it only entitles an employee to three days off. 
Labour Law for Managers says that family responsibility leave only covers a death in the family, a child's birth or if the child is very sick.
But as we explained here, in the event of a death, only the following are covered by family responsibility leave:
- Spouse or life partner
- Parent 
- Adoptive parent 
- Grandparent
- Child, adopted child
- Grandchild 
- Sibling
So what do you do if an employee asks for a week off to go help arrange and attend a family funeral?
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Use your discretion with family responsibility leave 
If an employee asks for more than three days of family responsibility leave, you don't have to give it to them. However, if you feel that they really need this leave, you can give it to them. Because it's a generally a sensitive and emotional time, some employers do give more out of compassion. 
So don't be fooled by its different names. Just remember that you can give employees more family leave if you feel it's necessary.

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Did you know: There's one type of leave with many names? Find out what it is so you don't get fooled
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