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Do you have to grant maternity leave to adoptive parents?

by , 23 April 2014
Stats by the National Adoption Coalition (NAC) show that 1 699 children were adopted in 2012. This means it's possible that one of your employees could be an adoptive parent one day. If that happens; you need to know what she's entitled to when it comes to maternity leave. Read on to find out whether or not you have to grant maternity leave to adoptive parents so you won't discriminate against employees.


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Here's what labour law says about giving maternity leave for parents who've adopted a child

On the Labour& HR Club Business Publisher, Rachel Paterson explains that at this point, adoption leave is a matter for negotiation between individual employees and employers.

This said, Paterson adds that while no legislative leave is granted to adoptive parents, the Unemployment Insurance Fund Act provides for the payment of adoption benefits.

This means that, as long as the child is under two years old, adopting parents can claim UIF benefits if they spend time away from work caring for their adopted child.

That's not all. Also keep in mind that your employees are entitled to at least three days' family responsibility leave per leave cycle.

This means, if your employee adopts a child, she can take at least three days of paid family responsibility leave if she wants to.


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The best thing you can do to deal with adoption leave is to have a clear adoption leave policy

Your policy must clarify how you'll treat adoption leave in your workplace.

And the good thing about a policy is it'll help ensure you act consistently and don't discriminate against adoptive parents.

Now that you know everything about adoption leave, make sure you don't discriminate employees who are adopting children.

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