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Do you still have to pay your sales rep's car allowance when she goes on maternity leave?

by , 09 April 2015
From a business perspective, there's never an ideal time for your employee to tell you she's pregnant and needs to go on maternity leave.

Of course, you're happy for her. But she's a valuable, productive member of your team and now you have to do without her for four months.

And then there's all the admin that comes with her announcement. Helping her with her UIF claim, finding a replacement to fill her shoes and training them so productivity doesn't suffer while she's away.

But what about all the other stuff? Like the benefits she receives in her monthly remuneration? Do you have to pay these too?

Today, we're going to look into the issue of what you need to know about car allowances and maternity leave so you don't run into trouble with SA's stringent labour laws.


Paying for a car allowance for an employee who's on maternity leave: What is the process?

When it comes to remuneration for maternity leave benefits, labour law is very clear. 
You need to do what your employment contract and maternity leave policy says you will. 
Thus, if these documents don't make provision for maternity-related pay, you don't have to continue to pay your employee her salary or any benefits with a transferable cash value (such as a car allowance). 
If, however, you do give employees paid maternity leave, then the same laws apply.
In this case, contractual benefits, such as subscriptions, memberships, cell phones and even company cars that form part of her normal remuneration should form part of her maternity leave pay too. 
We told you it was tricky. And that's why we want to give ensure you have the answers to all your burning maternity leave questions...
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Do you still have to pay your sales rep's car allowance when she goes on maternity leave?
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