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Don't let the World Cup cause a rise of fake sick notes in your company

by , 23 June 2014
The South China Morning Post reports that the time difference of up to 12 hours between China and Brazil has given some people a lucrative business opportunity to sell fake sick notes to football fans staying up all night to watch World Cup games.

It's clear that employees will do anything to watch the World Cup, including buying fake sick notes.

Here in South Africa, the time difference also means some of the games are in the evening. This means fake sick notes could be an issue.

To avoid being duped by your employees, check for these three things to ensure your employees' sick notes are authentic.

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Are your employees producing fake sick notes?

According to South China Morning Post report, a search for 'Beijing' and 'sick notes service' returned 49 500 results on the search engine Baidu. Unscrupulous vendors provide photocopies of hospital certificates with official stamps and doctor's signatures in their 'product catalogue'.

Can you believe that one seller says she sells around 30 notes every day!

But Chinese soccer fans aren't the only ones battling with the time differences when it comes to World Cup games - South African fans are in the same boat.

Here, World Cup games start at 6pm and the late one usually starts around 23:59pm. This means some of your employees are staying up to watch games and aren't getting much sleep.

So it's quite possible that some of them will turn to fake sick notes or medical certificates like Chinese fans because they're too tired to come to work the next day. To ensure they don't blind side you, check their medical notes carefully to curb sick leave abuse.

Here's what you need to look for.

Checking for these three things will help you determine whether or not your employee's sick note is a fake

In this article, experts behind The Complete Guide to Managing Sick Leave say you need to:

  1. Check that the medical certificate is an original and has a valid date

  2. Check for the medical practitioner's initials

  3. Verify the medical practice's address and registration number.

These are just the basics. If you want a full list of the things you must check or the things that must be on your employee's medical certificate check out The Complete Guide to Managing Sick Leave. It'll also give you the steps you need to take if you determine your employee's medical certificate is a fake.

There you have it. Adopt a practice of checking your employees' medical certificates. Do it now and beyond the World Cup.

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Don't let the World Cup cause a rise of fake sick notes in your company
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