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Don't let voting day on the 7th of May give you a leave-related headache

by , 29 April 2014
Public holidays are always giving as an extra day of paid leave for everyone. But if you have a business that still runs on public holidays, you'll know that you need to pay your employees double. But what do you do when that public holiday is voting day? After all, it's your employees' legal right to vote. Read on to discover the answer so you manage voting day on the 7th of May correctly?

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Voting day leave – what you need to know

The day of the national election is always a public holiday so that everyone can vote. According to Labour Law for Managers all public holidays are given as an extra day of paid leave.
But if you run a shop, a zoo or even work in journalism, then you'll still work on public holidays. Normally this isn't a problem as long as you pay your employees double for the day. But voting day isn't just a normal public holiday.
Because it's everyone's legal right to vote, you have to enable your employees to vote. One way you can do this is by applying for a special vote. 
According to the IEC, you can get a special vote if you can't travel to your voting station or you just can't vote on the election day. 
But you need to apply beforehand for this. And you should also help your employees to organise their applications. 
The day for special votes is normally a day or two before the actually election day. Because of this, you'll also need to make arrangements with the employees working on election day to take special leave to cast their special vote.
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The format of a leave application for special votes

If your employees work shifts, this isn't a problem. The difficulty comes in when your employees normally work a full work day. 
The format of a leave application to cast a special vote should be the same as normal leave. Even if it's a causal leave application it's deducted from annual leave. This means that it has to be a day of paid leave. 
So keep this in mind so you don't violate your employees' right to vote.

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Don't let voting day on the 7th of May give you a leave-related headache
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