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Five cheap tricks employees play to get a day off work... And how you can put a stop to them

by , 22 September 2016
I know you've heard it ALL before.... Excuses like:

'I asked my brother to phone you but he didn't'.

'I didn't have airtime and didn't have any money to buy some'.

'The taxi broke down and I only got home at 12h00, I was too tired to come to work and I woke up too late to phone'.

If you think your employee's abusing his leave, you can investigate the situation. You can even ask for proof and discipline him if you find he's been absent without an acceptable reason.

And to help you, we've put together a list of the top five tricks employees play to get the day off - and a way to nip them in the bud...

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Five cheap tricks employees play to get a day off work…

  1.  'I went to a traditional healer and he couldn't give me a sick note'.
Often the employee will claim he went to a traditional healer and can't give you a doctor's note. Traditional healers who are registered will have practice numbers and are able to give sick notes. Tell employees you'll only accept valid sick notes.

  1. 'I went to the clinic, but they were too busy to give me a note'.
Most clinics are happy to give sick certificates. Don't accept this as an excuse, particularly if the employee's job depends on it.
  1. 'I went to the clinic for my medication and had to wait all day'.
Don't accept this excuse and make arrangements to assist the employee. Help him source a clinic closer to work.
  1. 'I was so sick/so shocked I forgot to call'.
You can maybe accept this for the first day or two, but not thereafter. The responsibility is towards his job. Ask for proof of the circumstances.
  1. 'I had to collect my driver's licence, passport, ID etc. It was too late to come to work when I was finished'.
Employees must plan and apply for leave in advance. This isn't a valid excuse – the employee would know in advance he needs to go.
Stress to employees that it's in their interest to keep you informed of their whereabouts. Make sure they fully understand the role leave plays and their responsibilities to you. You have the right to expect that an employee will be at work and will do the work you pay them for.
And most of these tricks are to get a sick day off work. So…
I've just put a special report together for you: Employees always sick - How to stop it today
We'll show you how to:

·         Implement a sick leave policy;
·         Answer questions about sick leave;
·         How to implement other leave policies;
·         And more.
Find out more here…
P.S. All employees are entitled to leave, but your business will suffer if they abuse it! Manage leave carefully to identify if employees are taking advantage and put a stop to it immediately. The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service gives you a clear picture of just how much leave you must give your employees.

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Five cheap tricks employees play to get a day off work... And how you can put a stop to them
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