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Five quick facts about family responsibility leave

by , 25 June 2015
Roxanne's son is sick for the third time this month. You're sure Joe's only grandmother passed away last year... So why is he going to her funeral again?

When it comes to family responsibility leave (FRL), it's important you know exactly what you're legally obliged to give your employees.

Read on to find out...

Five things you must know about FRL

#1: The employee must've been working for you for at least four months
In order for an employee to be entitled to FRL, he must have been working for you for at least four months for four or more days a week.
#2: You're required to grant the employee up to three days' paid leave
If the employee does qualify for FRL, you're required to grant him up to three days' paid leave.
#3: The employee can take off half or whole days
When it comes to FRL, the employee can take half or whole days off.


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#4: You don't carry over remaining FRL allowance to the next year
Any FRL allowance remaining at the end of the year is forfeited; it isn't carried over to the next year.
#5: The employee can take FRL for these reasons only
The employee can only take FRL in the event of:
A child of his/hers is born
A child of his/hers is sick
A spouse/partner/parent/adoptive parent/grandparent/adopted child/grandchild/sibling of his/hers dies
A parent of his/hers has a serious or verifiable sickness
It's also important to ask the employee to provide proof of these events should he/she request time off for them.

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Five quick facts about family responsibility leave
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