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Four types of leave you DON'T have to give to employees....

by , 10 October 2016
Four types of leave you DON'T have to give to employees....When employees ask for leave, you must give it to them because it's your legal obligation, right?

Not quite.

You only have to give maternity leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave and annual leave.

Read on to discover four types of leave you don't have to give to employees so you can effectively manage leave.

An ineffective leave policy could cripple your business from right under your nose

Did you know that not forcing your employees to take their annual leave could end up costing you anything up to R15 000 per employee?
That's right - employees that don't take leave could be costing you just as much as those that abuse it.

That's because any leave that's accrued into the following financial year will increase the leave bill for your company and therefore severely affect your organisation in the long run.
That's why I'm excited to introduce you to a resource that completely takes the stress and confusion out of managing annual leave in your company.

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Four leave types you don't have to give to employees

You don't have to give employees:
  1. Study leave; 
  2. Leave for taking part in sporting activities; 
  3. Unpaid leave; and 
  4. Special leave.
BUT, if you want to give them this leave, just make sure you have policies and procedures in place for them.
Having clear policies and procedures will help you make sure your employees know how you deal with these leave types. And it will help you manage leave effectively in your company.

There will also be less room for confusion and leave abuse. Keep reading to find out how to implement policies...

Revealed: The secrets to compiling COID and DoL compliant incident reports
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Just remember to stick to your policies and procedures and be consistent when it comes to leave
For example, let's say you give John special leave to take part in a provincial rugby tournament. You do this in line with your sporting activities leave policy. And two months down the line, you don't give Mary this leave when she asks for time off to represent her province in netball, this is an unfair labour practice. And she could take you to the CCMA.
Don't take chances.
To be on the safe side, check out the Labour Law Survival Kit. It has sample policies for each of these types of leave.

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Four types of leave you DON'T have to give to employees....
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