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'Help, I've got a Lindsay Lohan in my office!' Can you fire an employee for going to rehab?

by , 11 July 2013
It's hard to fault someone for trying to rehabilitate from drugs or alcohol. But what if your employee has been booked into a rehab facility when they're supposed to be at work and your company's losing money because of it? Can you dismiss the employee? Read on and find out what South African Labour Law has to say about the matter...

If one of your workers has a drug or alcohol problem, it's best that they seek treatment.

But what happens to their position when they're booked into weeks or months of in-patient rehab?

If you've got a Lindsay Lohan in your office, keep these warnings in mind when dealing with an employee who's gone to rehab.

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First, you must treat rehab as medical leave

Cases at the CCMA have set a precedent that alcoholism is seen as a disease (Black Mountain vs. CCMA, 2005) and dismissing someone for their disease alone is unfair. If they're booked into a registered and recognised rehabilitation centre, allow them to use their sick leave just as you would if they were having an operation.

According to Labour Law for Managers, you must grant 30 working days' sick leave for every cycle of 36 consecutive months that the employee works at your company.

If your worker uses up all their sick leave, you can start deducting absent days as annual leave. Make sure you communicate this to the employee and that they understand that you can't grant them unlimited sick leave.

Rehab is temporary incapacity

As long as the employee's addiction wasn't affecting their work negatively before they left (i.e. there were no conflict, insubordination or performance issues) their stay (whether it's a one month or three month stay)  in rehab will only be temporary.

And that means you must try to accommodate their absence and find a temporary replacement. If however, their stay in rehab becomes prolonged, you may have to start an incapacity process.

As The South African Labour Guide explains, if you want to fire someone for having an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you must follow the proper incapacity process and prove that their addiction makes them unfit for work.

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'Help, I've got a Lindsay Lohan in my office!' Can you fire an employee for going to rehab?
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