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How to get 'the shirker' to stop abusing sick leave

by , 19 August 2013
There are countless excuses for taking sick leave. But if you've got a work 'shirker' in your office, it can be frustrating and costly to your business. Read on to find out how to get even the most unruly sick leave abusers to come into the office...

Health24 deputy editor Susan Erasmus posted a charming article last week about the different sick leave personalities found in every office.
The one that stands out for most managers is 'the shirker'
This is every manager's worst nightmare. You know the one… He's the guy who will stay home for because "he thinks he might be coming down with something."
He sees sick leave as a free holiday. He might be allergic to work – the bigger the deadline, project or presentation, the more likely he'll be booked off. He's probably on first name terms with his doctor, who's as generous with his diagnoses as he is with his sick notes.
How to get a shirker to stop abusing sick leave
The shirker responds best to strict directives. Labour Law for Managers recommends that you demand a doctor's note for every absence that is on a Monday, Friday or is longer than two days. If he doesn't give you a doctor's note, take the days off from his annual leave.
Put a "back to work interview" into your company sick leave policy so you can have a face to face with him every time he comes back to work. The fact that he can't just slip back to his desk undetected may get him to think twice before sending that "I won't be coming in today" message again.

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How to get 'the shirker' to stop abusing sick leave
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