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Three ways to make sure you give your employees the right amount of annual leave this December!

by , 17 November 2016
Three ways to make sure you give your employees the right amount of annual leave this December!With December only a couple of weeks away, there's no doubt your Inbox will be flooded with your employee's leave requests.

We receive so many questions about how to work out leave at this time of year. But do you know how to handle annual leave correctly?

Read on to find out how much annual leave your employees are entitled to...


All your annual leave questions answered!
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Use these tips to work out your employee's annual leave

Before we look at how many days you have to give an employee, you need to understand the 'leave cycle'. It starts when they begin employment or complete their prior leave cycle. Employees are on a 12-month annual leave cycle.

There are three ways to work out how much leave you must give an employee in a leave cycle:
  • You have to give your employee at least 21 consecutive days of annual leave with full pay in each leave cycle. This works out to 15 working days and six weekend days. That's three weeks of annual leave. This method also applies if he works a six-day week.
  • Give one day's leave for every 17 days worked in the leave cycle.
  • Give one hour's leave for every 17 hours worked in the leave cycle.

If a public holiday falls on a day your employee's on annual leave, it doesn't count as a day of annual leave.
Keep reading to find out how many days you'll need to give employees this December…

How to work out annual leave days this December...
Let's say you've decided to shut down on the 15th December 2016 and come back on the 3rd January 2017.  This means you'll close for just more than two weeks. But it doesn't mean your employees must put in 12 days' annual leave!
There are four Public Holidays during this time:
  • Friday 16th December;
  • Sunday 25th December;
  • Monday 26th December; and
  • Sunday 01st January.

But this year, Government has declared Tuesday 27th December a Public Holiday – because Christmas is on a Sunday…. And of course, Monday 2nd January will be a Public Holiday because the 1st falls on a Sunday too.

So… How many days leave must employees take?
This means employees must only take eight days leave. Unless of course you're kind enough to give them the three days between Christmas and New Year as a 'bonus'. In this case, employees will only put in five days' annual leave.
The Labour Law for Managers Practical Handbook covers everything you need to know about leave. If you don't have the 2017 edition, you can get your copy here now

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Three ways to make sure you give your employees the right amount of annual leave this December!
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