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Two tips to help stop family responsibility leave abuse in your company

by , 12 December 2014
Many employers think the only type of leave that's open to abuse is sick leave.

This isn't true.

Employees also abuse family responsibility leave.

I'm sure you hear the 'my grandmother died and I couldn't come to work' excuse from at least one employee every year. This could amount to family responsibility abuse. And can cost you thousands of rands if you don't stop it.

When employees take time off unnecessarily, your bottom line suffers.

So how do you stop this type of leave abuse?

Use these two tips...

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Use these two tips to put a stop to family responsibility leave abuse

Tip 1: Have a family responsibly leave policy in place
Most of the abuse happens when you don't make it clear to employees what you allow and what you don't.
To deal with the problem, have a policy in place that makes it clear who has a right to this leave, when and how you will give this type of leave, says Your Guide to Family Responsibility Leave.
You can, for example, include in your policy that you only give three days' paid family responsibility leave (per leave cycle) to employees who've been with you for longer than four months. And who work for you at least four days a week.
Remember, a collective agreement or contract of employment may change the number of days and conditions you give family responsibility leave to employees.
For example, you may agree to give your employees five days' family responsibility leave per annum. If you agree to this or have a collective agreement that allows for more leave, mention this in your policy. This way, there won't be any confusion. And there will always be consistency when you give leave.
You can get a sample of a family responsibly leave policy in HR Policies and Procedures Manual.
Tip 2: Ask for proof before you pay for this leave
Before you pay your employees for this leave, you can ask them for proof.
For example, if Mary says she has to take time off because her child is sick, when she returns, you can ask for a certificate that proves her child was ill. Or, if Tim says his grandmother died, ask for a death certificate when he comes back.
Family responsibility leave abuse is costly. So be sure to use these tips to put an end to it before it affects your bottom line.
To discover more tips as well as all the legal requirements when it comes to family responsibility leave, check out Your Guide to Family Responsibility Leave.

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Two tips to help stop family responsibility leave abuse in your company
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