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Uncover the myth behind Compassionate Leave before you pay another cent to employees!

by , 30 June 2015
Life happens. A friend falls terminally ill. Your grandmother passes on. A car hits your dog. All these life events need immediate attention. And if they happen to your employee, they may keep him away from work.

Outside of annual leave, your employees are entitled to days off to tend to tragic events, but what exactly are you obligated to do in these circumstances?

Today, we explore the issue of Compassionate Leave and how you can go about granting leave in 'special cases'.

The most rewarding thing you need to know is 'Compassionate Leave' DOES NOT exist! 

It's not a statutory requirement for you to grant this time off to your employee. Let alone pay him for the day/s he was missing-in-action when his dog died. 
But there are 'special cases' that arise in an employee's life you need to cater for. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act dubs this period as Family Responsibility Leave and granting it, is mandatory. 
****** Some readers stopped to look at this****
Why wait for your HR consultant to get back to you? 

Conditions for granting Family Responsibility Leave: Who? What? When and Why? 

  • Who can get it? 
An employee who has been with the company for longer than six months and works a minimum of four days a week.
  • What do you grant them? 
One to three days minimum as Family Responsibility Leave; you can increase this number at your discretion, you just can't decrease it. 
  • When/Why should you grant leave? 
1. When an employee's child is born (yes, there's no such thing as Paternity Leave either.) 
2. When an employee's child is sick
3. In the event of the death of an employee's: 
Spouse or life partner
Parent or adoptive parent
Child or adopted child 
This is set out in Section 27 of Basic Conditions of Employment Act. 

Even with the reasons for Family Responsibility Leave so clearly set out, you'll still have chancers

Maybe it's that employee who has to attend a lot of funerals, because he has a soccer team of brothers and sisters. Or one who just keeps losing a grandmother every so often. There are always employees who expect to keep digging into your pockets and paying them in their absence. But with The Ultimate Leave Toolkit, you'll have a nifty way to handle these 'special cases'.  What Family Responsibility Leave achieves, contrary to the wishy-washy concept of Compassionate Leave, is TRANSPARENCY! No more grandmothers who die and rise from the grave a dozen times. You can ask for reasonable proof of the event, actually, we insist you do. 

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Uncover the myth behind Compassionate Leave before you pay another cent to employees!
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