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Watch out! Your employee's medical certificate is NOT legit if it doesn't contain these six items

by , 22 April 2014
We've just come back from a long weekend and our labour experts have been inundated with questions from employers who claim their employees haven't reported for work today. Some are even saying their employees have indicated they won't come in tomorrow. Our experts have urged these employers to ask for medical certificates when these employees eventually turn up for work. If you're in the same boat, look for these six items to ensure your employee's medical certificate is genuine.


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Revealed: Six items of info a medical certificate must contain

We've written numerous times about employees who produce fake sick notes.

To ensure you're not duped by employees who want more time off, experts at the Labour & HR club warn you to be cautious when it comes to sick notes.

They explain that the Ethical and Professional Rules of the Medical and Dental Professions Board for the Health Professions Council of South Africa have rules regarding issuing a medical certificate.

According to these rules, a certificate of illness must contain:

#1: The name, address, qualifications of the practitioner and practice number

#2: The name of the patient

#3: The employment number of the patient (if applicable)

#4: The date and time of the examination

#5: Whether the certificate is being issued as a result of personal observations by the practitioner during an examination or as a result of the information received from the patient. This must be based on acceptable medical grounds

#6: A clear indication that the doctor is satisfied the employee was too sick or injured to work for the entire period of absence


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That's not all there is to medical certificates

There are four more items that must be on your employee's medical certificate. Check out The Complete Guide to Managing Sick Leave to get all the items.

The bottom line: The only way to ensure your employee's medical certificate is above board is to check for these six items.

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Watch out! Your employee's medical certificate is NOT legit if it doesn't contain these six items
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