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We bet you didn't know THIS about paying your employees over a public holiday

by , 29 April 2014
Public holidays are a thorny issue in South Africa. Most employers hate them. They believe productivity suffers when employees take these 'forced' holidays. But you have to comply with labour law when it comes to public holidays regardless of how you feel about them. Continue reading to discover one important point about payment for public holidays so you can avoid labour disputes as another wave of public holidays comes your way.


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The most important point you need to know about pay for public holidays

You can force your employees to work on public holidays!

But, only if your employment agreement with employees makes provision for work on public holidays.

In this case, you must pay your employees double their hourly rate.

Business Publisher, Rachel Paterson explains on the Labour& HR Club that this means if, for example, your employee earns R10 per hour, you must pay her R20 per hour for work on a public holiday.

But what if employees refuse to work on a public holiday? Do you still need to pay them?


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What to do when an employee refuses to work on a public holiday

If employees say they can't work on a public holiday, ask them to motivate why not. And if they can't produce a reasonable excuse, don't pay them. This falls into the no work, no pay rule.

Important: Working on a public holiday is by agreement only. So the no work, no pay rule will apply if you have an agreement with your employees that states they're required to work on a public holiday. And remember your refusal to pay will be justified because they'll be breaking the agreement by refusing to work on the public holiday.

Now that you know this important point about payment for public holidays, make sure you comply.

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We bet you didn't know THIS about paying your employees over a public holiday
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