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1 underestimated motivational factor employers should know to promote peak performance

by , 11 April 2016
As an employer, you want to get peak performance out of your employees. This a no-brainer!

And one the most important ways to ensure this is to create a motivational working environment.

But after doing some reading today, it would appear that there are some seriously underestimated motivational factors which could significantly increase employee performance. And one of them has
to do with work-life balance and working time.

Let me explain...

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Promoting a work-life balance for your employees, in which you're flexible and considerate towards, for example, family time, can actually improve performance in the workplace significantly.

What this does is it leads to an increase in happiness among your employees, which in turn leads to better-quality work.

It's argued that overwork and lack of time to oneself or one's family can lead to decreased motivation as well as increased stress levels and even depression. What's more is that with overwork, employees go to work tired the next day, which can only lead to decreased performance.

What all this results in is a decrease in employee performance, with issues like absenteeism becoming very prevalent.

All this can catch up to your company. For example, unhappy employees might end up leaving your company which could cost it a lot in searching for another employee. On top of this, you'll hire a new employee only to have her leave soon after being hired, for the exact same reason as the previous employee!

Take a look at what's happening in the world around this issue

Sweden introduced a 6-hour working day not too long ago, with the aim of increasing performance in the workplace.

The understanding here is that, by allowing employees more private and family time, they can feel more motivated towards their jobs.  

So what does this mean for you?

While this isn't Sweden, that doesn't mean that the above-mentioned points provide no food for thought.

What needs to be understood here is that motivation in general can really improve your employees' performance in the workplace. This is because employee well-being and performance are connected.

And so it's up to you to find those underlying factors which can promote your employees' overall well-being, in order to promote better performance in the workplace.  

To do this, page over to Chapter M 01 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook and learn 15 great tips on how to create a motivational work environment within your company. 

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1 underestimated motivational factor employers should know to promote peak performance
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