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2 leadership qualities you simply MUST have

by , 08 March 2016
Being able to establish a clear company vision among your employees, which in turn creates effective and efficient work, is a testament of true leadership.

In other words, to effectively run and maintain a business, irrespective of its size, takes good leadership.

In doing just that, here are 2 vital leadership qualities you should perfect...

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Quality#1: Positivity

Good leaders are a source of positivity, which in turn instils a sense of motivation among employees.

You should:

·         Be helpful and GENUINELY concerned about the welfare of your employees/team;

·         Communicate easily and encourage positivity;

·         Strive to find solutions;

·         Avoid pessimism and personal criticism;

·         Avoid destructive criticism towards employees, but instead be constructive, positive and reassuring in building them up;

·         Encourage co-operation among employees; and

·         Have vision and communicate it so as to promote action and not just ideas.

Quality#2: Focus

Good leaders are well-organised and plan ahead.

You should:

·         Think about multiple scenarios and the possible impacts of each decision.

CAUTION: Doing this too much could actually end up being an obstacle to attaining any results whatsoever.

In other words, a leader knows when to draw the line. Because if one was to spend so much time going through multiple scenarios, a decision would not be made.

That is why you should learn to balance your ability to weigh up various scenarios with the time factor. You must develop an ability to think off your feet at times, because you simply won't always have enough time to thoroughly analyse every decision.

·         Create clear and tangible targets so that all your employees' attention can be deeply focussed on meeting them. After all, vague targets can lead to confusion and a lack of motivation; and

·         Focus on moving forward instead of lingering over losses.

*Those were 2 key leadership qualities you should maintain in ensuring your business's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

To learn of many more key leadership elements, go to chapter P 05 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook, or click here if you don't already have a copy. 

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2 leadership qualities you simply MUST have
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