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3 obstacles your employees should overcome to perform better

by , 15 March 2016
As a manager, you need to make sure that your employees are performing at their best.

And in order to do this just, you should make use of workplace coaching.

The purpose of workplace coaching is to remove employees' obstacles so as to allow them to perform at their best and to encourage their potential.

But in order to remove an obstacle, you first need to identify it...

So here are 3 common workplace obstacles, which can easily hinder an employee's performance, along with how you can deal with them...

Obstacle#1: Underdeveloped job-specific knowledge or skills

For example, you may have an employee who struggles to answer difficult questions from customers, which in turn causes her to become defensive and very frustrated.

What you should do is coach her on how to respond effectively in these situations. This will create more confidence in herself, which will lead to less frustration and a more polite attitude in the workplace.

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Obstacle#2: Unclear performance goals, expectations and standards

For example, you may have an employee who has missed two report deadlines.

You find out that she's working very long hours, while still being actively involved in several committees.

This all leads to her not knowing what to do first, and she often feels overwhelmed.

What you can do is, at her next performance review, plan to do some coaching on time management and prioritising.

Obstacle#3: A lack of knowledge on certain work policies and procedures

For example, a sales employee may be giving discounts to customers that fall out of line with the discount policy.

You then discover that he was never issued with one.

You should now ensure that he doesn't make costly discount errors in the future, and so you'll need to provide some coaching for him.

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3 obstacles your employees should overcome to perform better
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