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5 elements you must have when coaching employees

by , 15 March 2016
Coaching your employees refers to you getting them to do things differently and, ultimately, more effectively in the workplace.

It's about clearing any obstacles which could affect an employee's performance and nurturing their potential so as to enhance their overall performance.

Having said that, here are 5 elements, as identified on inc.com, which you must include as part of your coaching...

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Element#1: Vision

You should have a clear vision for your company and ensure that all employees are focussed on the same goals.

Having a clear vision provides a foundation for you to coach towards achieving solid results.

In other words, you can't coach towards a goal which isn't there. You need to have the vision in the first place so that your employees can work towards it.

Element#2: Align the employees' goals with those of the company

If this doesn't happen, progress will be very slow and almost non-existent.

A classic system to use here is the S.M.A.R.T Goals system.

Element#3: Close talent gaps

Instead of just filling open positions, look for talent gaps within your organisation and seek to fill them.

Don't hesitate to give employees extra roles and responsibilities if they have the traits you're after.

Element#4: Communication styles

At the end of the day, people respond better to communication styles which they can understand and feel comfortable with.

So word selection, tone of voice, and listening skills are key here.

Element#5: Acknowledgements

Acknowledging achievements among employees is a great way to maintain morale within the company.

But if you do this, ensure that you're consistent. Because if you don't recognise someone for their hard work, in the wake of acknowledging others, their morale can easily fall to rock bottom.
*To learn more on coaching, including what the S.M.A.R.T model is, simply page over to chapter P22: Performance Management: Aligning an employee's goals, in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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5 elements you must have when coaching employees
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