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A group of Japanese train passengers work together to push 32-ton train carriage off woman! Here's how to harness the power of teamwork in your business

by , 24 July 2013
You might think that teamwork is a soft skill that's included at the end of KPIs for good measure. But teamwork can actually revolutionise your company by creating massive forces of change. If your employees can band together, like the group of Japanese strangers who lifted a huge carriage off a woman did to save her life, your business can grow by leaps and bounds.

Teamwork can add a great boost to your business dealings.

We can see the power of teamwork in extraordinary examples such as CNN's report of a group lifting a 32-ton train carriage off a woman in Japan!

If your business requires people to work together, here's how to make sure they're the best team possible.

How to improve your team's performance

Unless the team is brand new, each team has a history and a way of working. You want to unlock new potential within a team.
To do this, you must face the reasons why the team isn't working to its full potential.

What are the key blockages?

You must ask the team what the key blockages are to their performance.

A key blockage is a person, thing or situation that brings the team down.

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says a key blockage can be…
  • A past event that demoralized the team, such as conflict within the team;
  • Low quality equipment or materials, such as slow computers that make it difficult for the team to work;
  • A policy or procedure that restricts the team's productivity, such as a strict communications policy;
  • Negative attitudes or cultural beliefs within the team, such as 'Debbie Downer' pessimism affecting the team as a whole.

Once you discover what the key blockages are, work with the entire team to overcome them.

You'll be amazed how much a team can move forward once they clear the air from their key blockages. If the power of a group can lift a 32-ton train carriage, imagine what it can do for your company's bottom line!

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