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According to Forbes, there are three BIG mistakes bosses make during performance reviews

by , 17 June 2014
Most bosses inflict performance related problems upon themselves by making huge mistakes when it comes to performance reviews.

Take a look at a Forbes list below with the three big mistakes bosses make during performance reviews, so you can avoid them.

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Three mistakes bosses make during performance reviews

Mistake#1: Being too vague

According to Eric Jackson, some bosses have ten minute performance reviews with their people usually in the last week of the year after being harassed four times by HR to get them done.

Jackson writes on Forbes.com that the meetings are as brief as possible. There's usually lots of 'you're doing good work' and 'keep it up' sprinkled into the conversation.

The danger here is that your employee walks out not knowing how to improve his performance.

You must be specific about what you like and didn't like in your employee's performance.

Mistake#2: The recency effect

According to Jackson, this is a psychology term for when we overly focus on the most recent event as the basis for analysing the entire past year's performance.

He says some bosses seem to have no memory, so they only base their opinions on the most recent events and opinions from others to form their opinion on what's happening.

If, for example, your employee makes a mistake closer to the review, don't let the mistake become the entire topic of your performance review. If you do this, it means you're ignoring the rest of the great things he's done.

The next mistake is very destructive. Avoid it at all costs.

Mistake#3: Being unprepared

Some bosses like to do these meetings 'on the fly'. And some even cut and paste what was on last year's performance review.

Jackson says he knew one boss who would drive around with his sales guys and give them feedback from the passenger seat on long roadtrips!

This is a big no-no.

Being unprepared means you haven't given any thought when it comes to your employee's performance.

And the message you send to employees is: 'I'm very important and busy. I don't have time to tell you how I think you're doing at your job,' warns Jackson.

Make sure you steer clear of these mistakes. Remember what the experts at the HR & Labour Club always say: 'Performance reviews are a powerful motivational tool that contributes significantly to improved performance if you use them right.'

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According to Forbes, there are three BIG mistakes bosses make during performance reviews
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