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Are these top two time stealers eating up your days? Here's how to stop them in their tracks

by , 01 August 2013
If you always feel like time is running out, you may be a victim of these time stealers! Here's how to take back control and get your priorities straight. You'll be amazed how much time you free up when you banish these top time wasters!

You may be at work for eight or nine hours a day, but how many hours are you truly productive?

If the sun sets and you say to yourself: 'I was so busy today, but I got nothing done,' these time wasters may be eating up your days.
Here's how to banish time stealers once and for all…

Time Stealer #1: Meeting overload

If your company has a 'meeting culture,' you might waste a lot of time, says The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. You know a meeting was pointless when you walk out of it and wonder 'What should I do now? What did we decide? What's the next step?'
Question the company's meeting culture and ask that you only hold crucial meetings. When you do hold meetings, stick to the agenda and keep the discussion focused on the matter at hand.

Time Stealer #2: Information overload

You're halfway through an email when your phone rings. You're talking to a client and you get three texts from the sales team. You're replying to the texts when five more emails pop up in your inbox.

Information overload can eat up an entire day if you let it. Instead, schedule 'quiet time' when nobody can contact you unless there's a life-or-death emergency. Switch off your phone and close your inbox for this quiet time.

If you can conquer these two top time wasters, you can find extra hours in your day to be the most productive you've ever been. Try them and get your employees to implement them too. You'll be surprised by how much they increase your company's productivity. 

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Are these top two time stealers eating up your days? Here's how to stop them in their tracks
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