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Are you making your employees depressed?

by , 15 August 2013
Being in charge is never an easy ride. But are you actually depressing your staff? New research shows that employees who are over-qualified for their jobs suffer more from mental distress. Here's how to make sure your recruitment and leadership choices don't make your employees miserable.

New research from the American Sociological Association reveals that over-qualified workers end up depressed and anxious. This may be because they're not reaching their potential.
Are you making your employees depressed?
When you find a highly qualified graduate for an entry-level position, you're thrilled. When you hire someone who's had plenty of experience, but for some reason accepts a lower ranking job, that's a great find.

Of course, you want staff to be over-qualified rather than under-qualified for the work they're doing!
But over-qualified workers suffer more mental distress…
The problem comes out slowly in over-qualified workers. At first, they get the hang of the company and may even feel relieved to have a good grasp on their jobs.
But the truth is: There's no substitute for job satisfaction.

Over-qualified workers usually feel under-paid. But that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that they're not using all their skills. They don't feel challenged or stretched by their job. They end up feeling stuck, stifled or unsatisfied.
How can you avoid depressing your over-qualified staff?
Identify over-qualified employees. See where they can apply more of their skills in the company. If they have skills they're not using, work on creating a succession plan. Move them up to a position they find challenging.
You'll find as soon as you give overqualified employees something to strive for, their motivation will skyrocket and you won't have problems with depressed or anxious employees.

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Are you making your employees depressed?
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