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Are you prepared for your employee's performance review session?

by , 10 June 2013
With us already half way through the year, you don't have to dread having mid-year performance reviews with your employees. Instead, turn your review sessions into an opportunity to build relationships and motivate your employees toward achieving more challenging goals and advance your own career management skills. Here are six tips you can use to thoroughly prepare for your employee's performance review.

'Performance reviews can be a powerful motivational tool that contributes significantly to improved performance. Your staff could increase their productivity by 20% on average but the potential is even greater,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Studies show that many staff members believe the improvement to be as high as 50%.

But you can't reap the benefits of unlocking this reserve and channelling it to achieve shared goals if you haven't planned properly for your employee's performance review session.

Six ways to prepare for a performance review session with your employee

  1. Review employee records. This information could include biographical information and past career experience. 'Other useful information could include information on personality profiles, aptitudes and abilities,' says the Loose Leaf. Check if there are any file notes of records and achievements that could contribute to the session.
  2. Know the employee's objectives. Read over notes from his previous review. Refresh your memory on the objectives you agreed on.
  3. Assess the employee's achievements. Assess how the employee has achieved against the objectives set and which areas could be strengthened to improve performance. These measures would normally include quantity, quality, time and cost.
  4. Decide on motivators to improve performance. This may include suggesting additional responsibilities, job rotation opportunities and greater involvement in decision making forums.
  5. Set the date, time and location of the review. Ensure your employee participating in the review understands the procedure you'll be following when conducting the review process. You must also give him enough information so he can make the necessary preparations.
  6. Be clear on what performance standards you expect. Decide on what future objectives will be set for the next review. Examples of key performance targets could be that he should:
  • Increase the number of units produced by 10% over a period of three months.
  • Decrease outstanding debtor's payments by an average of ten days over a period of six months.

There you have it. Use these tips to prepare for your employee's performance review so you can improve work performance.

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Are you prepared for your employee's performance review session?
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