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Are your employees always late and use public transport as their excuse? Use these three lateness cures

by , 08 July 2013
The SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) has gone on strike today, leaving Metrobus passengers stranded. Since the majority of South Africans rely on public transport, all employers loathe the thought of their employees struggling to make it to work on time. If chronic lateness is cutting into your bottom line, take these steps to sort it out once and for all...

Life happens. Once in a while, your employees will be late due to circumstances beyond their control. Car trouble, bus strikes (like the current one on the go at Metrobus) or their taxi breaking down are all understandable reasons for lateness.

But what should you do when public transport is always an excuse for chronic lateness?

Labour Law for Managers recommends these lateness cures…

Lateness Cure #1: Create a Clock-In system for added lateness accountability

Sometimes simply the act of writing down what time the employee arrives will be enough to make them aware of their own lateness.
If this doesn't solve the problem, it'll at least give you a paper trail when you decide to take further action such as counseling.

Lateness Cure #2: Set up punctuality incentives

The positive motivation to arrive on time doesn't have to be a cash bonus. A gift voucher could work just as well to motivate employees to arrive on time.

Create a culture of good work ethic in your company, and openly praise those employees with good attendance. Something as simple as a complimentary email can motivate employees to improve their behaviour. 

Lateness Cure #3: Provide transport or accommodation for those living far from work

This may seem like an added expense at first, but you must consider the cost of that employee's productivity. Those minutes when they're late or have to leave early to catch safe public transport all add up. Public transport is also notoriously unsafe in South Africa, so consider the costs of extended medical leave if the employee is in an accident when using public transport.

Using these cures will drastically improve your work environment and ensure that everyone arrives at work on time and with a positive attitude.

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Are your employees always late and use public transport as their excuse? Use these three lateness cures
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