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Build leadership capabilities. Your plan for becoming a better professional

by , 12 May 2015
It is said that daily habits are the invisible architecture of our life. We build it piece by piece by all our actions and if we pay attention to what happens around us, we will notice that whenever we decide to take less action on something, less things will happen in our lives.

In a world when every second counts and in business field it costs, you may wake up one day and realise that in your domain you're running behind when it comes to technology, innovation, you name it.

The Center for Creative Leadership conducted a study that found that that a variety of challenging assignments contribute greatly to the building and seasoning of new and emerging leaders, as Marcia Zidle explained for Managementhelp.org

Here's a set of challenges that, according to the research, will enhance leadership skills:

-          Require working with new people or high variety or time pressures.
-          Call for influencing people with no or limited direct authority or control.
-          Involve building a team, starting something from scratch or solving a problem.
-          Demand a 'take charge' attitude, quick learning, coping with uncertain situations.

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You can develop these skills inside the company and always be ready and also look for new projects and new opportunities. The more you experience new tasks and accomplish or work to accomplish them, the more you will grow and learn.

According to the same source, these are other tasks that help you improve your leadership skills:

- get involved in a pressing business problem
- handle a negotiation with a customer
- present proposal report to top management
-work short periods in other units or departments
-plan an off site, meeting or conference
-be part of a new project / product review committee
- manage the visit of a VIP
-go off-site to troubleshoot problems
-take a board position at a community organization
-be part of the company's trade show booth team
-redesign a work process with another function
-resolve conflict among warring subordinates
-take over a troubled project and get it back on track
-manage projects requiring coordination across the organization
-supervise assigned office space in a new building
-spend a day with customers and write report
-do postmortem on a failed project
-evaluate the impact of training

Pick one of the tasks from the above lists, the ones that are possible and the ones that you can do now. Switch them, try new tasks later, but never stop learning and developing your skills.

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Build leadership capabilities. Your plan for becoming a better professional
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