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Can your workplace support the '360 degree' performance review method? Find out here

by , 23 May 2016
Can your workplace support the '360 degree' performance review method? Find out hereThere are several performance appraisal methods that can be used when reviewing your employees' overall performance in the workplace, and one of the most effective, has to be the 360 degree feedback method.

It involves getting feedback, on the employee's performance, from all the relevant stakeholders of the employee concerned. These stakeholders will include team members, reporting employees, managers and internal and external customers.

This method gives you a much more rounded view of an employee's overall performance, which can make a huge difference towards effectively evaluating performance in the workplace. In other words, your reviews will be a lot more credible.

But this method can only really work in certain workplaces.

Keep reading to find out if yours can support it...

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Can your business support the 360 degree performance review method?

The fact of the matter is that the 360 degree performance review method is only effective in workplace environments that are stable and mature, and enjoy high levels of workplace trust and smooth interactions between all staff.

In other words, you should introduce the 360 degree performance review method if:

·         Your company accepts performance management in the workplace; and

·         Your employees understand that the process is a supportive one and not a destructive, or punishment-based, process (that's why you need solid trust relationships).

EXTRA NOTE: This method can be very time-consuming, and so this may not be viable for many companies who simply can't afford to dedicate all that time to a performance review process.

But don't be mistaken, the quality of the review will so much greater should your company be able to use it.

*To learn more on this method, along with several other performance review methods, simply page over to Chapter P 08 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook today.

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Can your workplace support the '360 degree' performance review method? Find out here
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