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Connect performance appraisals to the understanding of the employees and you'll always win

by , 22 May 2015
Performance appraisals (or evaluations) place emphasis on how well or how badly an employee has done, says Performance-appraisals.org.

But most managers or employers make the mistake of believing and acting as they should punish the employees for not meeting the expectation, not reaching a specific target and so on.

That's not the case.

A performance review should always focus on "improving performance regardless of the current levels of performance" and that it represents "a problem-solving process that puts employee and manager on the same side", writes the same source.

As an employer, you can choose to use appraisals for improving performance and you can include appraisals as part of performance reviews. If you do this, pay attention to these different focus and purposes.

For example, these purposes can refer to:

- identifying and translating high level mission into specific goals
- managing performance in an efficient way through a given system
- organize and track completed work
- obtain knowledge of employees skills development
- reduce inefficient use of employees' skills
- diminish stress levels for both parties (employer/manager and employee)

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Take a productive approach if you want to conduct effective performance reviews.

There is a tendency to think about performance reviews as something that happens only once in a year, even though this is not the case or shouldn't be the case.

Review meetings can and should be held more other and can happen anytime. Even a five minute performance review meeting, once a month, can be effective.

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Connect performance appraisals to the understanding of the employees and you'll always win
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