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Conquer your email inbox once and for all - and boost your company's productivity!

by , 01 August 2013
Chain letters, jokes, newsletters, unnecessary CCs, advertisements and pointless banter - does that describe 80% of your email inbox? If so, you need to use these top tips to keep your inbox clear and effective. You'll be amazed what a productivity boost it is! And how much sharing this tip with your employees will help them too...

Email is a massively useful tool for business, but it has a dark side. Email overload can take a big chunk out of your day.

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management has these tips to stay on top of your inbox…

Here's how to manage your emails and keep your inbox clear
  1. Ask your IT department to help you filter all the unnecessary emails you receive daily. If you use Outlook, you can create rules to send certain emails to their own special folder. This keeps your inbox uncluttered and lets you focus on the important stuff.
  2. Have a daily 'email maintenance' time. This is a certain window of the day that you commit to. You can check, manage and send all your email in this window. This is a great way to keep emails from interrupting your entire day.
  3. Turn off the email alert noise so you're not tempted to check your mail the second something new pops into your inbox.
  4. Only respond to messages that need your direct input. Adding your voice to a long chain of email banter is usually a waste of time.
  5. Prioritise your email inbox and reply to the important messages first.
  6. Resist the temptation to forward every joke or anecdote you see during the course of the day. Often the small amusement this practice gives isn't a good trade-off for the amount of time and energy it steals.

By keeping these email management tips in mind, you can conquer your email inbox and boost your productivity at once. Once you've mastered these secrets, make sure your employees implement them too. 

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Conquer your email inbox once and for all - and boost your company's productivity!
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