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Create the perfect performance review policy for your business with these tips!

by , 07 April 2015
Some say performance management is the weakest point when it comes to human resource management.

This is the general opinion due to the fact that most employees and managers find obstacles in implementing an efficient system.

Do you agree?

If you do, you need a performance review system that actually helps people improve their own efficiency.

And today, we're showing you how to create one...

Here's an example of a performance review policy for your business

Each quarter, get your managers to arrange for the performance of each of their subordinates to be reviewed. A performance review is not the same as a salary review, but is designed so that the employee's manager can measure the performance of each employee in an objective manner.

After the review (which must be kept in strict confidence), management and the employee concerned will be able to identify areas for improvement, and set targets for the current financial year. In cases where performance has been unsatisfactory, corrective steps must be taken and a further performance review be conducted within three months.

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The performance reviews must be discussed with the employees and signed by them and a copy thereof forwarded to the HR Department for central filing and information.

Managers will find that after they have conducted a performance review, they will be better placed to make objective recommendations regarding a salary review.

And don't forget that you'll often have to walk that extra mile if you want the system to lead to good results. Make sure you maintain an open communication and a level of high transparency when it comes to making decisions concerning your employees and your team.

Offer feedback and obtain feedback from your team.This is useful information and you should always identify to sort of information that will help you to improve your team's performance.

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Create the perfect performance review policy for your business with these tips!
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