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Did you know that conflict between employees can be GOOD for your company?

by , 10 July 2013
To say the widely publicised conflict between Mandela family members over the graves of Nelson Mandela's three deceased children has been acrimonious is an understatement. While the family conflict has been widely condemned by the South African Public, it's certainly cast the spotlight on conflict. Interestingly enough, while conflict can get ugly, in the workplace it can also be useful and constructive. Here's how...

While it's widely believed that conflict has no place in a workplace environment because of its destructive nature, the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management believes otherwise.

According the Guide, conflict can be useful and constructive and may even improve employee performance. BUT you can only do this if you know how to stimulate useful conflict.

Here's how to stimulate conflict that's good for your company

Stimulating useful competition can be productive if you want to foster competition between different divisions in your business. It can help you push them to trump one another. After all, no one likes being on the losing side. This will mean improved productivity as your employees strive to outperform each other.

Playing devil's advocate is also another useful tool to stimulate healthy conflict. By doing this, you'll challenge employees to come up with new and innovative ideas that'll make the company better. Remember, two heads are better than one if you want diverse opinions.

So when should you encourage useful conflict in the workplace?

It's advisable that you stimulate conflict to improve performance if your employees are:

  • Impassive;
  • Demotivated; and
  • Lacking energy and initiative.

It's important to note that the only time conflict is useful in a work environment is if you use it to improve your employee's performance. The last thing you want is destructive conflict that'll result in work stoppages.

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- In accordance with the 2013 Labour Law -

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Did you know that conflict between employees can be GOOD for your company?
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