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Do you have enough evidence to dismiss a poor performer?

by , 13 June 2014
Have you ever dismissed a poor performer without enough evidence to support your case? If you have, and the employee takes you to the CCMA, you will lose your case and it can cost your company thousands!

But there's a way you can avoid this...

All you need to do is get your employee to sign a performance contract. By doing this you'll have the evidence to prove he agreed to meet your requirements.

It's a simple process but there are four key points you need to keep in mind when drawing up your performance contract that you can use as evidence.


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Four points to consider before you draw up your employees' performance contract

1.    A performance contract must be applied to each position in your company that has measureable outcomes and objectives.
2.    You need to refer to the following documents to determine the content of the performance contract:Job description of the employee;
  • Business plan for the organisation;
  • Application project plans;
  • Performance standards for employees within the organisation; and
  • The organisation's generic competency requirements.
3.    The performance contract will form the basis of the performance appraisal, so you can measure the employee.
4.    The weighting which refers to the importance and priority of a specific output, in relation to the purpose of the role.

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Do you have enough evidence to dismiss a poor performer?
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