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Do you make these four common mistake when managing your employees?

by , 02 April 2013
'Management is the science of bringing jobs and people together, marrying the so that the job gets done and the people are well satisfied,' writes Dr Brian Jude in 144 Smart Strategies for Managers . Dissatisfied people stop striving towards something - and soon there's no more innovation, improvement and motivation for change. Luckily, by understanding four of the most common management mistakes managers make, you can overcome them before they become a problem in your company.

'To achieve management excellence, you need an awareness of faulty practices and a desire to change how you manage your employees,' says Dr Brian Jude in 144 Smart Strategies for Managers.

After all, managing individual employee behaviour is the key to making your whole company succeed.

And to do that, you need to avoid these common management mistakes…

Here's how to avoid these common management mistakes

Mistake #1: Not setting goals or not setting them properly
'Goals must be set in writing, specific, time framed, involve the team when setting them (negotiate, buy-in, communication),' explains The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. You must also place these in a highly visible place in the office and revisit them at least once a month so you don't go too far off course before you realise it.

Mistake #2: Communicating ineffectively
Your team should be able to bring good news as well as bad news to you their manager. If a team starts to fear the manager – they'll start hiding bad news, the manager then finds out too late about potentially serious matters that could have been minimised earlier if they'd know about them.

You can avoid this by putting formal systems in place for communication to take place. Make sure these discussion happen face-to-face whenever possible (not email) to avoid unnecessary aggression.

Mistake #3: Being a teddy bear manager
'A teddy bear manager wants to be liked all the time,' explains Judd. This is highly ineffective and very time consuming.

If you're a teddy bear manager, go on a leadership course to learn conflict management skills.

Mistake #4: Don't make the mistake of giving deadlines that are too long
Don't give people too much time to do things! Work tends to expand depending on how long you have to do it in. Because you're a manager – you'll have done the work before so you know how long a task takes to complete. So don't be realistic.

Bottom line: So there you have it. 'As managers, we all sometimes make mistakes. But by examining the mistakes most often made, you can develop solutions to prevent them and create a more motivated group of employees,' advises Judd.

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