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Don't let productivity problems cause your company to follow BMW's example

by , 20 February 2013
It's estimated that BMW will have to recall more than 33 000 cars in South Africa after discovering problems with their plug connector at the power distribution box. And while BMW hasn't commented on the potential costs the car recall will have on its financials this year, with so many cars affected, it'll probably be big. But that's not the only problem BMW faces. In addition to the costs, BMW will also face a loss in productivity as it attempts to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. Here's how to ensure something similar doesn't affect your company's productivity.

BMW is recalling 1 coupes Series and convertibles from its 2008 through 2012 model years to correct a possible problem in their electrical systems, reported The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday morning.
This fault will lead to a decrease in productivity for BMW as it attempts to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently.
But manufacturing faults aren't the only thing that lower productivity and hamper your company's success.
'Low productivity is one of the major causes of businesses failing today. Failure to meet targeted productivity can result in high costs per unit. This in turn results in higher prices and a drop in your competitive edge,' explains the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.
And low productivity can result from a variety of factors.
Six common issues that could be lowering your company's productivity
Productivity killer #1: Poor selection and placement
This is one of the main reasons for low productivity, reports the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. 'Organisations are only starting to understand the value of hiring staff for attitude first and then for skills. Skills can be taught, but attitude is innate – you either have it or you don't.'
Productivity killer #2: Poor training
Organisations that select poorly also tend to train poorly. This is a problem because your employees will perform poorly and are unlikely to be loyal when they aren't adequately trained.
Productivity killer #3: Unclear expectations
Unexpressed expectations result in anger and frustration and eventual loss of motivation and productivity.
Productivity killer #4: Personal issues and health problems
Emotional issues can cause employees to be unfocused and result in low productivity. 'Emotional intelligence (EQ) training can help resolve your employees' personal issues. All your staff need to become and remain self-empowered employees,' advises the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. The same is true for employees with recurring health problems as they may feel obliged to come to work when they're not feeling well. 
Productivity killer #5: Slow processes
Often employees work harder instead of smarter simply because they don't know any better. Ensure your company has a policy of re-engineering tasks and activities to speed up processes and increase productivity.
Productivity killer #6: Non-urgent activities and interruptions
Personal emails, personal telephone calls and regular interruptions contribute to low productivity. Ensure your company has regulations that limit these from taking place during office hours so they don't affect your employees' work.
Bottom line: Don't let productivity issues lead to costly slip ups, lower quality and fewer products. Eliminate the productivity killers detailed above and you're sure to see the difference in your company's bottom line this year. 

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Don't let productivity problems cause your company to follow BMW's example
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