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Don't wait your next performance review - have an informal discussion to discuss performance issues now!

by , 01 March 2013
Cosatu isn't happy with leader Zwelinzima Vavi's performance these days. His behaviour is now being investigated, and there's a strong chance he'll be ousted based on performance issues that have added up against him. While performance management is a crucial, many companies miss out on important opportunities to address performance issues when they hold performance reviews just once a year. Here's how to improve the performance review process in your company - it won't eat into any more time or paperwork!

A powerful faction is planning to show Cosatu leader Zwelinzima Vavi the door at Cosatu's next central executive committee in May, says the Mail & Guardian Online
That's because several leaders of the labour federation's affiliates have raised concerns about his leadership style and agreed to institute an investigation against him, adds The SowetanLive.
Does this sound like your company's performance review strategy?
But bottling up performance issues and storing them to address in one big showdown isn't the best way to handle the situation.
And the longer you wait to take corrective action, the more money and opportunity your company will lose from poor performance, adds the Fox Business Small business Centre
But what can you do if your company's performance review process only takes place once a year?
One way to do this is to review the employee's performance more regularly.
Simplify the performance review process by holding informal discussions more often
Annual performance reviews go better if they're backed up by informal discussions throughout the year.
That's why FSP Business suggests you review performance of employees more regularly.
If you're imagining hours spend prepping and sweating over paperwork, don't.
Informal discussions don't have to be a huge task.
Simply schedule a 10 minute informal discussion with your employee directly after any event (good or bad).
This way, you can make the feedback more holistic when you review performance rather than simply focusing on whether targets were met that month.
You'll also gain greater insight into what makes your employee tick and if they are any underlying factors affecting his performance.
Shifting toward the type of frequent and instant feedback makes the performance review process more valuable for employees, says the HR Executive Online website.
So incorporate more informal discussions in your performance review process today and you'll be able to deal with performance issues as they arise!

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Don't wait your next performance review - have an informal discussion to discuss performance issues now!
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