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Eight documents you need to have ready for your employee performance meeting

by , 11 May 2015
At the beginning of a business cycle you and your employee agree on a list of goals and targets he needs to achieve. During your performance review period, you have to meet again to assess if he's met these targets.

But before you set the performance meeting, you need to make sure you have all the documents you need. This will ensure the meeting runs successfully and isn't a waste of your or your employee's time.

Keep reading for the eight documents you need to have ready for your performance meeting...

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Have these eight documents ready for your employee performance meeting

When you need to assess your employee's performance, good preparation is important to ensure the process runs smoothly.

If the meeting runs smoothly, it will minimise any potential conflict between you and your employee. Also, it will lead to a more positive experience for both of you.

The eight documents include:
  • The employee's job description;
  • The employee's latest goals or objectives;
  • Relevant performance or service level agreements;
  • Other performance reviews for the current business cycle;
  • Informal review notes;
  • Two blank copies of the appraisal forms and guidance notes – one for you and one for your employee;
  • Employee's individual training and development plan; and
  • Any other paperwork related to evidence of employee's competence, customer feedback, work records, etc.

But that's not all. Keep reading to see the documents your employee needs to bring to the performance meeting…

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The documents your employee must bring to the meeting include:
  • A copy of his job description;
  • Goals and objectives and the extent to which they were met;
  • Informal review and other feedback from clients and customers;
  • Any other value-added activities or actions taken during the period under review; and
  • Complete: Performance appraisal form: Self-assessment.

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Eight documents you need to have ready for your employee performance meeting
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