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Employers: Here are ten top tips to surviving your employee's performance appraisal

by , 16 June 2014
It's no secret that some managers dread performance appraisals just like their employees.

If you're one of these managers, you've come to the right place.

Today, Ray Hennessey, the Editorial Director of Entrepreneur.com will give you ten effective tips that'll make this necessary evil relatively painless.

Here are his top ten tips for surviving performance appraisals.

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Survive your performance appraisal with Ray Hennessey's ten tips

  1. Have a written form to guide the review. Allow both you and the employee to complete that form prior to the review so you're both prepared.

  2. Compare your version with your employee's version. You must allow your employee to go first in stating the pros and cons of the past year's performance.

  3. Try to stress the positive aspects of the performance.

  4. Don't avoid stating the negatives, but do so in a direct and brief manner.

  5. Balance the good with the bad.

  6. Invite your employee to suggest ways he can be motivated.

  7. Ask your employee what additional areas of responsibilities or other tasks he would be interested in.

  8. Discuss ways to gain additional knowledge and skills so that promotion becomes possible.

  9. If the discussion becomes emotional, take a break.

  10. End on a positive note.

That's not all.

Experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management also have something to say about performance appraisals.

They say when you conduct performance appraisals, don't make on the spot decisions.

Rather give yourself time to consider alternatives and defer the final decision to a follow-up session. The last thing you want is to make promises that are dependent on other people or other departments and they fail to deliver.

There you have it: We hope going forward these tips will help you conduct seamless performance appraisals and that you won't dread doing them.

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Employers: Here are ten top tips to surviving your employee's performance appraisal
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