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Five drawbacks of using traditional line manager performance appraisals

by , 09 July 2014
One of the oldest forms of performance appraisals is the traditional line manager appraisal.

In a traditional appraisal, the line manager is the only one who reviews his employee's performance. He also provides feedback based solely on his own assessment of an employee's performance.

But there are five drawbacks to doing this. Read on to find out what they are so you can fine tune your appraisal process.

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Here are the five disadvantages of traditional line manager appraisals

Disadvantage #1: The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says traditional line manager appraisals are more subjective because:

  • You only get one person's (i.e. the line manager) view about an employee's performance.
  • The line manager isn't always in the best position to appraise performance or behaviour. For example, customers are in a better position to determine how customer-focused an employee is.

Disadvantage #2: As a result of the above disadvantages, some employees perceive appraisal feedback and outcomes as untrustworthy and view them with scepticism and negativity.

Disadvantage #3: There's always the danger that the line manager doing the review might not be as objective in his assessment, for example, due to personality differences.

Disadvantage #4: Bias, favouritism and other rating errors have a significant impact on ratings since only one person is giving his view.

Disadvantage #5: According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, line managers might feel they need to look over their employee's shoulder more often to be able to track performance.

This creates a negative work environment for your employee who you must empower to be self sufficient and whose focus must be on her team or customers.

Now that you know the drawbacks of using traditional line manager performance appraisals, fine tune your appraisal process so it doesn't hinder your performance management efforts.

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Five drawbacks of using traditional line manager performance appraisals
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