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Five reasons why prevention is the key to solving poor performance

by , 02 July 2015
Every year when winter begins, people go out in their numbers to get a flu vaccination. This prevents them from getting sick when cold weather hits.

You should adopt the same tactic to manage your employee's performance.

A continuous performance management system acts as a vaccine against poor performance.

Read on to discover reasons why prevention is the key to solving poor performance.

Why having a performance management system is such a great idea 

1. Expectations are clear
From the onset, your employee is aware what you expect of him. His performance contract communicates the criteria you'll use to gauge his performance. 
2. Consistent overall indication of employee's performance
You're always aware of how your employee is performing. You can look at their performance over a specific period or throughout the year. Because of this, you're able to measure the quality of the work he produces.  
3. Promotes employee growth 
Through monitoring his performance, it's easier for you to identify skill upgrade opportunities. This makes him even more of an asset to your company as he can fill a multi skilled role. 
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Last year, Government implemented over 70 changes to three of SA's most crucial labour Acts. 
Among them were:
When and how to issue employees with a fixed-term contract.
Unfair discrimination and your employees' pay cheque. 
Steps you MUST take before you recruit a non-South African citizen.
Labour brokers and the only time you can use them.
And so many more. 
How sure are you your HR department's current processes aren't a lawsuit waiting to happen?
How certain are you that one small oversight won't end up costing your company R2.7 million in fines? 
How confident are you that you won't land at the CCMA defending a case for following a faulty HR process?
Don't take a chance when you don't have to. 
4. You can detect slacking early
Trying to motivate an employee to pull up his socks is easier than having to pull them out of a poor-performance rut. You can notice your employee slacking off before it becomes a problem and apply the necessary remedial actions. Because you have an ongoing report on their performance, you can easily troubleshoot the disturbance in his normal rhythm. 
5. Provides you with evidence of employee's capabilities
In the extreme case that you dismiss an employee because of poor performance, you have a lengthy record to back you up on what they're capabilities are. 

Too many times HR managers look at an employee's performance once the damage is done

A performance management system helps you nip poor performance in the bud. It tackles employee performance, before it becomes an issue. Performance management is not an option; it's a must.

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Five reasons why prevention is the key to solving poor performance
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