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Five steps to increase employee productivity

by , 30 January 2013
It's hardly a surprise that Anglo American's production in the fourth quarter was hampered by the strikes at Amplats and Kumba Iron Ore. But this has had a knock-on effect for the whole industry, and now'productivity in South African mining seems to have slumped dramatically'. When an industry's in chaos, individual motivation levels also start decreasing. But what do you do when employee productivity at your company takes a dive? Here are five steps you can take...

'Productivity in South African mining seems to have slumped dramatically,' according to the Business Day's BDLive website.
The combination of economic slowdown and plentiful jobs means employee productivity or output per worker has fallen to a new low as well. .
An easy way to get things under control and boost employeeproductivity again is to reduce stress in the workplace by ensuring your employeesschedule tasks correctlyand checking that tasks are performed correctly.
In fact, there are five easy steps you should get your employees to follow to reduce stress and increase their productivity levels, according to the Labour Bulletin.
Getyour employees to schedule tasks and employee productivity should increase dramatically
Step #1.    Plan your schedule for the week
Spend thirty minutes to an hour each Sunday evening to plan the week ahead. Jot down where you need to be and what you need to accomplish. This will help you to start the week with a realistic view of the amount of time you need to fulfil your obligations.Don't schedule tasksand to-do list in stone. Review it regularly and make adjustments to accommodate items that take priority over less important tasks.
Step #2.    Schedule tasks, appointments and meetings
Schedule tasks – at least roughly. Estimate the time you think it'll take to accomplish a given task or a group of tasks like returning phone calls and schedule it as you would a meeting or appointment. Otherwise, the tendency is to accumulate a long list of to-do items with not nearly enough time to realistically accomplish them.
Step #3.    Don't schedule tasks or appointments back-to-back
When you schedule tasks, remember to leave a little 'white space' between each of your appointments to accommodate driving time, delays and unscheduled interruptions. If everything runs as planned, you'll have a little extra time each day to fill with something fun!
Step #4.    Prioritise – the most important tasks should come first
Make sure when you scheduletasks you put the most important items on your to-do-list first and during high productivity times of your day.
Step #5.    Break your tasks down in bite size chunks
If you have trouble getting started on a task, break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Then, start knocking them out one by one.
Flagging employee productivity needn't be a big deal. Sometimes all it takes is to come up with a plan and a little momentum to get your employees going and boost their productivity levels again.
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Five steps to increase employee productivity
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