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Five tips to supervise employees who work remotely

by , 02 October 2013
You probably know that the only way your employees will get better at what they do is when you give sincere and timely performance feedback. But what do you do if you have employees who work remotely? How do you manage them more effectively to help improve their performance? Read on to find out...

Effective communication with remote working staff is critical.

Here are some suggestions the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management recommends to supervise employees who work remotely.

Have employees who work remotely? Use these five tips to manage them effectively

Tip#1: Establish regular times for discussing work progress with staff members who work remotely;

Tip#2: Be clear about expectations and performance criteria;

Tip#3: Organise team meetings that include employees who work remotely to join via conference calls;

Tip#4: Ensure you include employees who work remotely in training, professional development and office social opportunities; and

Tip#5: Remember that tone and context can be lost in an email, so set up some face-to-face meetings where possible.

Be sure to make regular feedback sessions a part of your management style. Foster an environment in which giving and receiving feedback is the norm regardless of whether your employees work remotely or not.

With these tips, you'll be sure to manage employees who work remotely more effectively and improve their performance.

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Five tips to supervise employees who work remotely
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