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Five ways HR technology can improve your employees' performance reviews

by , 18 May 2015
Most specialists in the HR department will tell you that performance reviews are no longer the best method for improving employees performance and obtain better results.

As studies show, the tendency is to respond in a negative manner when it comes to critical feedback given through a performance review. And the result is that while you want a better employee, you'll have to deal with less motivated people.

According to the 2013 Employee Recognition Programs survey, by the Society for Human Resource Management, only half of HR professionals believe annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal of an employee's performance.

In other words, they consider performance reviews aren't working.

Here are five performance-management web apps, provided by Entrepreneur.com that can turn this around

1. Collaboration is the key

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 90% of HR professionals believe that a combination of feedback from an employee's manager as well as others in an organisation creates a more accurate picture of employee performance. Use a web app if you want to improve performance management in real-time. One good one is Featherlight, which also allows you to schedule one-on-one meetings, offer continuous learning to employees and, moreover, have a better workplace communication.   

You can find out more at: Featherlight.

2. Improve organisation.

If you don't have a certain organisation when it comes to performance reviews, then your results and the way you want to use them further won't be the most successful.

Use Weekdone if you want your managers to monitor the employees' goals, accomplishments and challenges in a single place.

The monitoring systems reports through emails to managers as employees complete tasks.

For more, visit: https://weekdone.com.


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3. Make better use of negative feedback

As previously said, negative feedback is something that can cause a lot of damage when it comes to employees motivation. "People who are concerned with how others view their performance reported being unhappy upon receiving critical feedback", writes the Journal of Personnel Psychology which also states that people who care the most about learning don't take negative feedback well from others.

You can use PerformYard to identify ways for turning negative feedback into constructive ideas. You can document and announce performance results and take notes on positive interactions that take place during employee reviews. The same web app allows you to recognise and thus reward employees who over deliver.

Get it at PerformYard.

4. Develop a system of open communication.

If you want to improve performance reviews, you need a clear and good communication.

Naturally, there's an app that can help you better communicate the goals you set for your company and the expectations for your employees.

With the help of Trakstar, your employees will have a better understanding of how their performance goals fit into the objectives of your organisation. The web app uses several reminders via email regarding goals and expectations.

5. Improve real-time feedback.

A way to improve feedback and offer it to your employees when they need it, you can use  ReviewSnap. Huhman explains that according to the Society for Human Resource Management, only 2% of employers perform ongoing performance reviews.

ReviewSnap encourages worker engagement and ensures you that the reviews are being completed. For more, go to ReviewSnap.

Take a look at these apps as a way you use your performance reviews better. Discuss them with your employees and use their feedback for a better start of changing ways.

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Five ways HR technology can improve your employees' performance reviews
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