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Five ways to get your slacking employee performing before shut down!

by , 04 December 2013
Your employee takes long lunches, miss deadlines, arrives late to work, and doesn't get back to anyone... Sound familiar?

You know your team slacker. I bet this is his favourite time of year, when he gets to tell you he'll get to that report in January. Here are five ways to get his performance up to scratch.

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Five ways to manage your slacking employee
  1. Communicate with him: Remind him that both individual and team skills are important in getting the job done. Explain how you all need to perform to make your deadlines.
  1. Reward Him: Have a reward system in place for your employees, something that is unexpected. Or simply praise him often for a job well done.
  1. Empower him: Put him in charge of a task. Let him evaluate the performance of individual members. Believe it or not this'll work. This isn't a promotion, so it won't upset your team. Let him be responsible for a task that isn't crucial but time sensitive. This'll encourage him and show him how poor performers hold the team back.

Two more ways to manage your slacker
  1. Lead by example: Don't be afraid to work shoulder-to-shoulder with him, when you have a tight deadline or if your team is short of a team member. You'll strengthen your credibility as a leader and get more support from him.
  1. Review his work: You need to let him know when he is on track and when he isn't. Check on him and the status of his tasks. Make him understand he should be responsible for his own work.
Keep monitoring him and review his performance often. The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says performance reviews can be a powerful motivational tool, if done right.  It'll encourage good performance with your employees. Chapter P02: Performance reviews explain in more detail. Not a subscriber, click here to subscribe.

Be informed

Yvonne Eribake

P.S I know how frustrating it is to deal with someone who's just not pulling their weight. Get the 'No Excuses!' Guide to Performance Management. It covers everything you need to know to correctly manage a poor performer.

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Five ways to get your slacking employee performing before shut down!
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