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Focus on these four leadership areas when mentoring a new company leader

by , 20 March 2013
Ever heard the saying 'he's a born leader'? It's a load of rubbish. While some people are more naturally inclined to leadership than others, anyone can become a good leader - with the right training. If you're promoting an employee to a leadership position, here are four key areas you need to get him to focus on...

South African cricket captain, AB de Villiers has come under the firing line. Not for poor performance, mind you, but because of his leadership skills.

Earlier this month, de Villiers told ESPN Sport that he's 'still learning the job' and admitted he had 'room for improvement as a leader'. But many critics just don't agree that he's up to the job.

That may sound a bit harsh, but considering that de Villiers has been captain for over a year, it's worth looking into.

Do you have a similar leadership concern in your company?

How to mentor a good leader

'A good leader directs her followers in a way that allows them to work together in a more cohesive and coherent manner,' explains The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. 'Most modern definitions of leadership reject the idea that leadership is based solely on the leader's abilities and attributes. Successful leadership depends on the quality of the relationship between the leader and her team.'

To do that, your employee leadership mentoring programme must help your employee focus on these four key leadership areas:

Know yourself: To be a good leader, you need to encourage your employee to evaluate himself in terms of leadership traits. That means understanding your strengths and weaknesses and working to improve on them.

Know your stuff: It's important you have a basic understanding on everything that's going on in your company as well as a sound understanding of technical knowledge of whatever it is you are leading your team in, explains the guide.

Know your employees: Know your staff members, and have a real appreciation for them and their personalities, their wants and needs, and their work styles. By understanding who your employee is, you'll be able to motivate him correctly and foresee any problems before they become major issues.

Know what's going on and make sure your team does too: Make sure you're always informed about what is happening in your company, advises the Guide. And, more importantly, communicate it to your team so they know about policy decisions and the reason why things are being done.

Don't let poor leadership be the reason your company fails to meet its goals. By mentoring new leaders and getting them to focus on these four key leadership areas, you'll ensure that he's a good leader.

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Focus on these four leadership areas when mentoring a new company leader
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