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Follow this four-step performance appraisal approach to ensure your new employees' performance reviews are stress-free

by , 05 February 2013
It'sperformance review season for many companies - a stressful time for employees and managers alike. It's even more stressful to your new employeesas theymight not be sure of the performance review process your company follows. But the success of the new city manager of Auburn in the US shows the positive results of a well-planned performance review. Take some of the pain out of preparing for the performance review by following this simple four-step performance appraisal approach...

New employees tend to stress about their performance reviews as they aren't sure what they'll be judged on.
'If you integrate your performance management process with your compensation management process, it lets employees know that compensation practices are fair and based on their performance,' reports FSP Business.
In America, Auburn City's relatively new city manager, Doug Selby, was pleased by his recent positive performance review from the mayor and city council.
Selby was even offered a raise based on his performance.
But Selby isn't accepting the raise just yet. He's asked to rather defer the raise until after he ends his employment with the city, to serve as an example to other city employees, says the Auburnpub.com website.
After all, that's a sign your performance review finding was accurate – if your new employee continues to shine after you've already applauded him for great performance.
'An effective performance review can have great benefits for your business, and for your employees, so it's worth taking a bit of extra time to make sure you get it right,' says Lisa Spiden on the Dynamic Business website.
To ensure the performance review goes well, Spiden recommends following a four-stepperformance appraisal approach.

Four steps to make sure your new employees'performance reviews go well

1. Long before you conduct a performance review, make sure your employees are aware of the specifics of their roleand what the expectations are, right from the start.

2. When it's time to hold the performance review, give your employees lots of notice, especially if they need to fill out a self-assessment form. The Labour Bulletin confirms that self-assessment formswill help managers address differences in opinion or perspective and gain insight into employees' expectations.

3. When you give feedback during the performance review, take the employee's personal communication style into account.

4. Give your employee a summary of the points discussed after the performance review so he knows what to work on for the next performance review.

Planning ahead and incorporating these steps into your performance reviews will make them less stressful and ensure better performance from your new employee post-appraisal.

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Follow this four-step performance appraisal approach to ensure your new employees' performance reviews are stress-free
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