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Four common management mistakes that demotivate your employees

by , 11 July 2013
'You need to know what motivates your employees to do their best to ensure their performance is excellent and not just mediocre,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. Mediocre performance leads to reduced productivity and will cost you in profit! Follow these four tips to find out what you SHOULDN'T do to get the best out of your employees to avoid demotivating them.

Fact: You'll never get the best out of your employees if they're demotivated. And this one thing will end up costing you a fortune.

While this is the case, it's not uncommon for managers to make costly mistakes that could demotivate employees and in turn affect company productivity?

Are you guilty of these four demotivators?

#1: Don't operate on fear

Fear works as a great motivator, BUT only for a short period of time. Fear also doesn't work with the younger generation of employees because they're more willing and able to change jobs and more aware of their rights, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. They would rather leave than be motivated if they feel you're treating them badly and managing through fear.

In this current economic climate, fear might make people stay with your company. But it doesn't mean they'll be motivated and perform to the best of their ability. When things improve, you can be sure they'll be the first to go.

#2: Don't use 'carrot-dangling'

Carrot-dangling is the promise of a reward that you can never deliver. It's a short-term solution and won't work on a long-term basis. Next time you try it, your employees won't be caught that easily and will eventually they'll stop trying.

It also means you have to focus on finding new 'carrots' and new methods of motivating employee. And that's plain unrealistic. Since it's not always possible to reward employees for work done, you must be able to instill job-satisfaction in your employees for doing a job well.

#3: Don't forget to thank your staff

The most common demotivator is not thanking your team for good work they've done.

Don't talk to your employees only when things go wrong, give simple praise for a job well done. You may take the work for granted because you're higher up in the company, but your team might achieve something they feel really good about and want praise for.

Remember, a good reward is often not money, it's praise.

#4: Don't assume 'one size fits all'

Not everyone is motivated by the same thing. While, your IT staff love good technology and are motivated to perform better when you have the latest and best technology, some people like to be given close direction, whereas others hate it if you look over their shoulder all the time.

In addition, some people respond positively to negative criticism, whereas others become despondent. Identify what demotivates your individual employees.

Steer clear of these management mistakes! The last thing you want is to demotivated employees who won't produce the goods.


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Four common management mistakes that demotivate your employees
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