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Four things you MUST do during your employee's probation period

by , 16 January 2014
If you think it's only your employee who must do the work during the probation period, you're wrong. You also have responsibilities as an employer. Read on to discover what they are...

Have an employee on probation?

If so, make sure you do these four things during his probation period.

Do these four things during your employee's probation period

You must assess your employee's performance during the probation period. Give him the following feedback to allow him to do a good job:

#1: Evaluation: Assess the quality of his work. Compare it to other employee's work. Check if it's of the standard required by your company, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

#2: Instruction: Give your employee clear instructions. If you want him to do a task by a certain time let him know that he has a deadline.

#3: Training: Give your employee training so he can do his job properly.

#4: Guidance or counselling: Provide advice on how he can improve.

Remember to keep a record of the steps you've taken during the probation period. This can be a simple email to your employee confirming discussions held and any assistance you've given him.

Warning: Make sure you don't abuse probation periods

Don't use probation periods to deprive your employee of the status of permanent employment.

'If you dismiss an employee who has completed his probation period and replace her with a newly hired employee, it's not consistent with the purpose of probation. It constitutes an unfair labour practice,' warns the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

The key to probation is to regularly assess your employee's performance and to address any concerns with your employee's performance in a pro-active manner. You can do this with the four things we've outlined above.

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Four things you MUST do during your employee's probation period
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