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Have a poor performer? Remedy the situation with this performance improvement plan

by , 29 August 2013
Do you have an employee who isn't performing? Don't ignore the problem. Use this performance improvement plan to manage poor performance and increase the effectiveness and productivity of your workforce.

Do you suspect one of your employees may have a performance problem?

He's either:

  • Not achieving goals or meeting expectations; or
  • Meeting goals and expectations but in an undesirable or below-standard way.

If so, the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management recommends you use these five performance improvement plan actions to deal with the situation correctly.

Use these five action steps to improve poor performance

Action 1: Identify the symptoms of the problem and why it's a problem

As yourself the following questions:

  • Is my employee violating company policy?
  • Is he employee behaving inappropriately?
  • Is he employee failing to perform the job?
  • Why is the problem serious?

Action 2: Understand why the employee isn't performing

Establish if your employee understands a problem exists and if he knows and understand company policies or job requirements?

In addition, find out if there are any circumstances causing the problem and what your employee's view is about the situation.

Action 3: Provide support and direction

Ask your employee for ideas to solve the problem and offer your suggestions to correct the problem.

After this, agree on performance solutions and agree on the timeframes to improve it.

Action 4: Support your employee's efforts to correct the problem

Thank your employee for being willing to correct the problem. In addition you should encourage, motivate and provide direction for your employee if he loses confidence.

If your employee succeeds in resolving the issue, applaud his success.

Action 5: If all else fails, use the following process

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management recommends you determine the underlying reason for the lack of improvement in performance.

After you've exhausted all available options, use the correct disciplinary process if your employee won't willingly perform her job.

Keep in mind the incapacity process is used for an inability to perform. It's also crucial your disciplinary process is procedurally fair.

Following these performance improvement plan actions will help you deal with a poor performer in the correct manner.

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Have a poor performer? Remedy the situation with this performance improvement plan
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