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How to build a relationship based on trust with your employees

by , 13 August 2013
You have to be familiar with relationship management to understand human behaviour. When you understand how to develop relationships and communicate effectively, you'll be better equipped to positively interact with your employees. Here are four tips you can use to build a relationship of trust with your employees.

Is there a way to ensure you're the first point of call for conflict situations and to ensure your employees are always motivated and productive?

Yes! But only if you have a relationship of trust and rapport with your employees.

The following are thing you can do to build trust and rapport when you interact with your employees.

Do your employees trust you? If not, use these four methods to gain their trust

#1: Be curious

Ask a lot of questions. People in general like and trust people who show an interest in them. So talk to your employees, ask them about their interests and work related issues.

#2: Be a good listener

Good listeners gain respect and trust from others. Do the following:

  • Attend to your employee's agenda and not your agenda for them;
  • Hear your employee's expectations, concerns, goals, values and beliefs about what is and isn't possible;
  • Differentiate between your employee's words, tone of voice and body language;
  • Summarise, paraphrase, reiterate, mirror back what your employee has said to ensure clarity and understanding;
  • Encourage, accept, explore and reinforce their expression of feelings, perceptions, concerns, beliefs, and suggestions;
  • Integrate and build on your employee's ideas and suggestions;
  • Allow your employee to vent or clear the situation without judgment to move on to the next steps;
  • Know that the most important rule of listening is to listen with the intention to understand.

#3: Focus on the employee

Focus intently on your employee and don't be distracted by others or things. It'll make them feel important and make it easier for them to trust you.

#4: Be understanding

One other way to build rapport is to let your employee know that you understand where they're coming from.

Acknowledge what they say, perhaps by nodding your head or saying 'yes'. It doesn't mean that you agree with him, it simply means you understand what he's saying. This'll make him feel important and it makes it easier for him to trust you, advises the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

To demonstrate that you understand, let your employee know his words make sense to you.And, when possible, indicate that you've had similar experiences and thoughts. You can do this by telling him about a personal experience similar to his. Being heard and understood are building blocks of trust.

Remember, good communication skills are vital if you want to understand shared objectives, your employee's priorities, expectations and business practices.

Make use of these four tips and you'll be sure to build a working relationship based on trust with your employees.

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How to build a relationship based on trust with your employees
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